A life lived day to day

Clair Coping Day To Day

I have delayed in writing this first post in the coping day to day category of this blog  because I was, and if I’m honest still am, unsure about how much personal information I want to reveal about my disability and its effects on my life day to day in such a public forum as the internet.

I did actually think about deleting this section of my website completely in fear of making such a personal area of my life so public. However, after a lot of thought, I have decided to make an effort to document how I cope physically even if I do only choose to reveal tiny, but meaningful snapshots of the whole picture here publicly. Also,  just maybe a tiny glimpse of the emotional aspects of my life – both for my own benefit, as well as to other people coping with the aftermath of paediatric stroke.

My story will be different from many others though.  For reasons I will go into in more detail over the next few weeks and months I have had no contact with any of my family since I was a teenager. I also live alone and so for both of these reasons I have no real constant and close support network around me, and although I can get physical things delivered, for all the emotional and coping aspects of my life, I really cope alone with everything, and that can be a struggle in itself.

I will be updating this section as often as possible with snippets from my daily life and how I manage. The effects of stroke really can and does touch all areas of your life, even in the smallest and most basic of ways.

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