Social Media – Part Deux

Clair The Soho Corner

Many of my readers will not be aware of this, but I will be living on top of a building site for the next 2 years. The whole area around where I live is having a facelift and an extension built.

I’m very happy and excited about this as I can no longer get to the park, a communal garden, with step free disabled access, for us residents funded by the developer, as well as access to a car through membership of a car-club, the yearly fees for membership, again funded by the developer, for all residents of our building is being provided, as part of the development scheme. Both of these things will make my life as a disabled person much easier.

I took my social media accounts offline before Christmas as I was getting very stressed and overwhelmed by trying to keep up with them. However I have made the decision that for the length of the building work on this building scheme I am going to reinstate a twitter account, but keep that account very small. The developers agents have provided a twitter account with updates to the scheme and it will be for this reason and this reason alone that I will be operating my twitter account.

Due to my disability I find it difficult to get to information meetings and I have not been able to attend very many of them, so social media really is the easiest way for me to find out about the works that are happening in such close proximity to my home.

As always – the best way to get in touch with me will be through the contact form on this site.  I don’t intend to be active on twitter very much at all.

Right I think that is everything for the moment….. I just really wanted to explain why I have another account popping up after I had taken my previous one down and hopefully avoid any confusion.

It’s a little late, but I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.